Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Update#96 : Astronomical Timelines

 Happy Birthday!

I've been too quiet, as it's been some busy years. The project is not forgotten, but there is little visual progress to describe. Not only have I been busy, but I also let a lot of ideas (maybe too many?) get into my mind and there's a lot I want to change, like how the stars and planets are created. That's probably quite unnecessary but a corner of my brain seems quite determined, hah! I guess we'll see. Wish me luck!

For anyone who see this, I hope you've been responsible and kept well.

One more year and we'll mark a full decade since the offcial start of the project, I hope I can share and show some nice progress by then!

GL to all of us o7

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Update#95 : Rebooting Systems ...

Amazing, a full year has come and gone already!The last year and a half I've been really busy with various life duties and busyness. One of the more significantly project-obstructive factors has been the attendance of a 'real' job which pays more immediately for work done. It doesn't pay particularly well, but it pays for real and in a shorter term, and I really needed that.
Of course, I'm not too busy for a commemorative birthday post!

I haven't completely forsaken the project, though. I haven't done a lot of coding, but I've done more design work, which is important too! While on work breaks I would often think on the project, advancing system design and creating lore. While relaxing after work, playing other games, I gather inspiration and ideas for adjustments to make and details to add.

So, to anybody actually reading this, I'm still sorry for the lack of progress and updates for the last couple years. Hopefully I can put some good time into progressing the project in more visible and reportable ways, starting in the near future. Maybe some of the stories and such concepts... maybe.

Always dreaming. Never stopping.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Update#94 : Celebrating Six Months of PROcrastination! I mean..


My ability to put things off is legendary!  Alas, here we finally are, and I bring with me some meaningful and possibly exciting information! That's worthy of an anniversary post, right?

There are a number of things that I want to babble about here, now that I'm sitting and writing to you again. HOWEVER. I need to make more posts as time goes on, so this time I'm going to give you information about some (hopefully) interesting choices you can make about the nature & structure of the empire that you'll be building. The combat details will be released somewhere within the next 6 months, probably within 3 months actually. Lots of details still need to be finalized.

First, a note about the setting. There will be at least one (1) large NPC faction (still unnamed) which acts as the policing force and also a focal point for some of our history and events. Where you begin is as a colony which has been released from the larger faction and granted nearly full autonomy; it is there that your story begins. As for that nearly full autonomy, your income will still be lightly taxed by the greater faction, as a general fee for services. Such services include limited protection along with recognition of legitimacy and territories - maps telling the world that you own what you own! Different empire types and options will have different tax levels (added to your total upkeep)

Player : Empire Types

As the player of your account and the leadership of your stellar empire, the story of your civilization is yours to write. The attitudes and type of people, the form of government, the reason for why they do anything; it's all up to you. However, in the grand picture, there will be a few hard distinctions implemented that might influence some of your choices; either your vision will lead you to which 'empire type' you choose, or the options available will lend direction to your empire's fate. It should also be noted that they are not permanent selections, though changing from one type to another may have certain requirements.

We'll probably be starting with three (3) options which will be descibed below.

Independant Colony

The default type for all players. As described above, you're a colony which has been granted autonomy and self governance from the greater united body. Independant Colonies benefit from having the lowest upkeep and tax levels, and have the option to operate under 'protection' (new accounts are 'protected' by default) which disallows other players from attacking your fleets or cities. However, Independant Colonies are not allowed to formally claim or hold territory, except for individual asteroids upon which they have built a settlement.

About Protection: Naturally, you also can't attack others while being protected. There is a 5-day transition period when activating or deactivation protection, to prevent people from taking cheap shots and then picking up invincibility. You are not allowed to begin activation if you have recently attacked anybody, and you are not allowed to attack during the activation process.

Sovereign State

Transforming your independant colony into a fully recognized Sovereign State, you relinquish any remaining protection possibilities from the galactic government thing and are granted permission to claim planets and moons and even entire solar systems as your own sovereign territory. A Sovereign State also has the option to join nations and alliances with others, becoming part of a larger and more powerful group.

These groups will be able to have their own message boards, collective territorial indication, and certain levels of automated information sharing. They may also be able to assemble dedicated National fleets owned by the alliance body itself (not owned by individual players) and construct super structures whose strategic and prestigious value would be worth the immense cost.

Sovereign Corporation

Establishing a Sovereign Corporation can be an advanced option for some players who don't mind a little extra regulation in exchange for a boost in their growth potential. Generally, a Sovereign Corporation operates almost identically to a Sovereign State, with the only exception being that the corporation may not engage in simple unregulated trades or gifting like states and colonies can. This is to prevent abuse of the primary distinction of a corporation compared to a state: the option to accept investments from other player entities. Sovereign Corporation has the choice to be one of three different subtypes: General, Private, and Public.

General - This is the default subtype whose only specialty is the option to change to other empire types (State, Colony) or other corporation subtypes (Private, Public).

Private - A 'private' corporation has the option to accept monetary packages from other players, with some sort of contracted agreement about the returns. The idea being that the investment would be used to accelerate the growth or financial position of the investee, and one day the invested money (plus growth) could be returned to the investor, leaving both parties more wealthy than before.

Public - A 'public' corporation would be issued into a number of shares whose collective value represents the estimated value of the corporation at the time. The corporation can then sell these shares to raise money (aka investment) in exchange for the shareholders owning a portion of the corporation's profits and assets. Shares can be traded at will by any shareholder with the in-game stock exchange which would look the same as the other markets in the game. Shareholders would be issued a fraction of the profits of the corporation, and can sometimes be involved in important decisions and actions of the corporation.

I think that's enough detail on that topic for now. I could elaborate on the details of the public and private investments, but... basically, if you already have an idea how things like that would work, then you already know roughly how they'll probably work in this game. If you don't like the ideas about it, then don't worry about it, and if you're interested then please do some more reading in the topic.

Next time, we can look forward to a pile of details about how combat will work!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Update#93 : Baby Steps and Baby Leaps

Just a couple little points here! Easy stuff while I work on a few certain important things...

1) I've basically decided on the numbers and pricing for buying STAR so when I get my current set of web pages re-stabilized on my newer versions of PHP then I can throw together a store/donation section.

2) I've finally got a remote server set up for hosting the website, so when I feel ready (hopefully by the end of the year!) I can give out a public URL for people to visit and start looking around at all of the things that I have and don't have ready yet.

With regards to that store/donation section, I want to make sure it all works perfectly and keeps good and proper records before opening it for other people. PAYPAL will be the main method of payment for the first while, since it's so easy! I'll also be trying to accept payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin.
I intend to keep good and persistent records of all payments, so that all donators and alpha/beta players will have a sum attributed to their account or email address ... specifically so that when the server gets reset over and over and over during continued early development, STAR purchases will be remembered and carry over to resets and eventually the final open game. Anything less than that would be rude, wouldn't it?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update#92 : Home Again, Happy Again

After a long period of illness, contracting one infection after another, several attempts of curing and removal...

The primary web development computer for The UNIVERSE Project has made it home, clean and refreshed, with web services running normally and all system resources available as they should be.

I am happy today. The next few days will probably see me focused on restoring all my of little options and software and media.

With this development, exciting page construction and code developments will be able to start moving forward again, and The UNIVERSE Project will once again creep closer and closer to reality.

PS: Adding to last week's topic, I think we'll also accept Bitcoin as a payment option for STAR.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Update#91 : Currency Events

Currency Stuffs (more)

Just because Paypal makes it so easy, I've decided that UNIVERSE - when set up - will initially accept 6 currencies for the purchase of STAR:

- Euro
- US Dollar
- British Pound
- Russian Rouble
- Canadian Dollar
- Australian Dollar

I'm sure I'll have to adjust prices a bit once in a while but they would probably remain fairly stable, so people who use any of these as their preferred currency for online purchases will be able to use them and not be surprized by conversion rates! Depending on how popular the options are I could expand the options to include more currencies, because - like I said at the start - Paypal makes it so easy!

In the game, STAR could be spent on account perks and investments as its main purpose ... However, realizing that STAR represents real money which has been paid into The UNIVERSE Project it could go beyond in-game functions and potentially extend to other things. Other things could include items like merchandise or project donations or charity donations, or anything else like that once they became options.  Why not? If I can make it work, I will!

Current Events (other)

My main development machine has been sorely infected with (apparently) various maladies which has hampered serious website construction for a long time. Right now that is finally being dealt with and next week I'll finally have it back and in good working condition, which will enable me to really get back to work building the website and not just doing theory and design. I'll admit though I'm glad for the non-construction design time because I've been able to refine a lot of plans and ideas before they went too far and couldn't easily be changed later.

As for time, however, pretty much the same time that I'm getting my machine back I'll also be starting a new job that will take most of my time. I really need the money, though, so I guess it counts as a good thing. The credit card needs a bit of paying off, and I owe a smidge of moneys to friends and parents, and I'd like to buy a new computer for both gaming and construction/experimentation purposes.

Top of the To-Do List

Once I really do get back to the site construction, before I get back to adding new features there are a few things I want to take care of:
#1) I want to get comfortable with restoring the game from scratch out of a backup, so I'll probably do that a few times after I get the main computer reformatted and before I get on to other things.
#2) I want to get the in-game store for STAR finished and working perfectly.
#3) I will adjust the star-system generation procedures to distribute resources according to my new plan, and also add the new resources into the game.
#4) As the game will gradually move forward into a stage with more people helping with testing, and observation and testing of all kinds will be required - and surely the game will be broken some times - I want to create a script that I can use to rest & initialize the universe without manually repopulating tables in the database ... because resets will be needed many times I'm sure, and it would be good to have the system able to handle it semi-automatically without me shutting down the dev/test server for several days at a time while I break and refix everything.

These devlogs should also start getting more frequent as I have more noteworthy events to report on!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Update#90 : The Word Money

The Word Money ... doesn't look right if you stare at it and say it too many times. Or at least that's my experience within the past 2 minutes of starting this post.

I finally managed to get a paypal account linked to my bank account. I won't get in to details, but it should have taken 1-5 days, and it took a month!

BUT NOW THAT THAT'S FINISHED it's time for me to make a purpose for it. Buying stuff in the game! What could you possibly buy? Well I'll tell you what you can't buy in this game: an easy win!

The main items you might be buying in the game would be semi-passive account enhancements, such as increased research speed for science and technology, or the ability to see a bit more in the maps, and probably a few other things I can't remember... they're in a much older devlog I'm 50% sure but right now I can't remember it all.

Whatever the items are, they won't be bought directly but they will cost various amounts of a secondary in-game currency which will be tradeable in the market like other resources. This will allow players willing to spend money the ability to trade these special credits for helpful resources, and those who have some excess resources or can't spend the money will be able to acquire the special credits through in-game trade.

Below will be a stream-of-thought babbling and typing of name ideas for this new currency; it was sparked up now while trying to set up a Paypal button to buy this currency, and part of it is "Item Name" and it made me realize that there is no name yet for the item being bought! Duh..

Private Sector Contract = PSC
~ I think PSC would be more applicable to just the research buff

Special Investment Grant = SIG

Super-Imperial Grant = SIG

Super-Imperial Favour = SIF

Old Relic Donation Endowment = ORDE

STAR = Special Trade and Advancement Reserve

.... I think I like that STAR. For now, that's going to be it, I'm satisfied by STAR. I'll come back if I become dissatisfied and feel the need for another brainstorming session.

Also, for the main game currency COINS I'm shortenning it to [COIN, Currency of Interstellar Negotiation] because it just feels better (to me) as an acronyzed name.

Alright, now to play with some Paypal settings...

PS:  This is officially Update#90 but it's actually my 100th post here! \o/